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Gold Coast Chinatown official intro Video:

Today 12 July 2013 mayor launch the china town‏

Southport is GO by Rob MOLHOEK MP  

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文化創意產業Cultural and Creative Industry),簡稱

  • Last month I (Johnson Shiu) joined the workshop for the design of Chinatown Gold Coast’s master plan with input 

    from over 40 interested professionals, council members and business leaders, as well as many delegates from the 

    Gold Coast’s Chinese Sister Cities Taipie and Chouhoi. Some impressive ideas have been put forward to bring a truly 

    modern and unique Chinatown to life on the Gold Coast. You can read the article from The Gold Coast Bulletin here.

    Chinatown Masterplan

    Chinatown is part of a broader plan to revitalise Southport as an international business district.

    Chinatown will be the place where the Gold Coast community can celebrate the best of Asian culture and design. It will 

    foster international relationships, attract investment and welcome tourists. The precinct will also support a range of 

    multicultural businesses and professional services.

    Chinatown will be developed in partnership with the community, private sector and government through the development 

    of a master plan. The master plan will detail a clear vision, identify distinctive design elements and develop an implementation 

    strategy and ongoing management plan.

    A crucial component of the success of Chinatown is a vibrant events and festivals strategy which gives the Gold Coast 

    community and visitors a place to experience and celebrate Chinese and Asian cultures.

    A number of benefits are expected from the Chinatown development including:

      • Provide opportunity for cultural exchange between Australia, China and other Asian countries
      • Build trade and investment relationships
      • Create confidence in the development industry and encourage the redevelopment of Southport
      • Enhance the tourism product and cultural diversity
      • Generate a new night time economy
      • Leverage the proximity to the light rail station by creating a destination and increase pedestrian activity

    Master Plan Elements

    Three paifang’s (gateways) will mark the boundary of Chinatown and will represent the unique nature of Chinatown 

    Gold Coast and the Gold Coast’s relationship with our Sister Cities. Ultimately a cultural centre and memorial gardens 

    are proposed which will contain a worship centre (for both Taoist and Buddhist) and exhibition space for displays on 

    Chinese culture.

    Stage 1 – 2012 to 2014

      • Community and international engagement
      • Master plan development
      • Events strategy and funding
      • Implementation strategy
      • Streetscaping improvements to Young Street
      • Investment attraction and real estate

    Future stages 2014 to 2018

      • Ongoing Chinatown development
      • Streetscaping improvements to Davenport Street
      • Ongoing management and funding
  •   Australia: Unit 12 , 3 Barranbali Street, Chevron Island, Gold Coast, Qld.,Australia 4217

    Johnson Shiu, J.P.  邵焯輝 太平紳士         Australia mobile 手機 : +(61) 452300208 


    Gold Coast Assistant Director of Chinatown Creative Industries Terence Ma:   

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