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360° Outdoor LED Video Display

Measuring 166" in diameter, the 145"-wide screen


  • Daylight viewable brightness: 7,500 nits
  • 3.5 m screen diameter
  • 360° Visibility
  • High Contrast
  • Split Screen Capable
  • IP65 Weather Proof
  • Temperature Controlled




Measuring 166" in diameter, the giant sized DS3522 is the largest in our line of 360° LED video display digital signage. With multimedia playback capabilities and unique display features, the 145"-wide screen is definitely an attention-grabber. As a premium outdoor media solution, the giant screen is ideal for outdoor application at entrances of public areas, theme parks, concert venues, outdoor plazas, and metropolitan areas.



The DS3522 is IP65 weatherproof rated, protecting it from both dust and rain. Designed for year round operation, the DS1713 includes a built-in air conditioner and heating element to control the internal temperature.


Spinning LED Technology

With a display brightness of 7,000 nits (cd/m˛), this ultra-bright display produces an image that may easily be seen in direct sunlight. Ambient light sensors automatically adjust the brightness levels throughout the day.

Typically, the average LED display relies on small groupings of surface mount LEDs to generate a visible image. The result is an image with large pixels, considerable spacing between pixels, and must be viewed from a lengthy distance in order to see clearly.

Using patented spinning LED technology, the DS3522 displays full motion, true color video with a pixel pitch of merely 4 mm. The core structure consists of a drum incorporating several modules assembled from red, green and blue LED pixels. As the drum spins, the system controls the lighting of each individual pixel at a precise location within 1/100th degree accuracy. Unlike traditional LED screens which rely on a grouping of LEDs to produce different colors, a DynaScan’s red, green and blue pixels are turned on at the exact same spot to produce individually colored pixels. The result is a picture perfect image with unsurpassed high brightness and high resolution. DynaScan uses only the highest quality LEDs to ensure maximum reliability and a rated lifespan of 75,000 hours to half brightness.

Content Management

DynaScan displays are compatible with virtually every content delivery system on the market. With an included video input box, content delivery systems, DVD players, television feeds, live video and other video sources may be connected and displayed in 360 degrees using standard video connections.

Available as an option, DynaScan offers a complete, turn-key solution. Our internal digital media player allows the end user to create custom layouts, playlists and schedules. A complete content management solution for DynaScan 360° LED Video Displays, our content delivery system supports today’s leading video file formats. To ensure you gain the maximum impact through your 360° Video Display, a variety of functions are built into the software - such as an ability stream a live internet feed for stock and news updates, the ability to display customized layouts, and generate billing reports to keep track of every file played. Choose from pre-made templates or create your own. In addition to media playback, the digital media player also controls and monitors all of the display’s hardware functions.

With the built in Ethernet connection, DynaScan 360° LED video displays can easily be integrated into a new or existing video network. With both wired and wireless solutions available, DynaScan displays may be controlled and updated from a remote location. Using our media management software, you can create, control, and publish content to a full network of DynaScan displays using a single, centralized server.




Pixel pitch (horz. × vert.) 4 x 4 mm
Display size (width × height) 3.65 x 2.16 m 143.6 x 85.0 in
Number of displays 3 identical
Display area 23.64 m˛ 254.45 ft.˛
Native resolution (horz. × vert.) 792 x 600 each x 3
Pixel density 62,500/m˛ 5,806/ft.˛
Luminance (minimum) 7,500 nits
Uniformity ±3%
Contrast ratio 5000:1
Color spectrum R=630nm, G=525nm, B= 470nm
Rated lifetime to ˝ brightness 75,000 hours
Physical dimensions (diam. × height) 4.22 x 4.35 m 166 x 171 in
Weight 3,500 kg 7,715 lb.
Operating temperature -20 – 45°C -4 – 113°F
Weather protection IP65 (fully enclosed w/air conditioner)
Display Power requirement 380–420VAC, 85A, 3 phase, 4 wires
Power consumption (typical) 33.8 kW
Video interface DVI-D (1024 × 768 @ 60Hz)
Refresh rate 120 Hz
Content feed Built-in Player or Image Scaler


Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Included Accessories

  • CD-ROM with quick start guide


Optional Accessories

  • Digital Media Player





Content Creation Guide 1.0 English
User Manual 1.0 English
AP3 Player Software (Desktop) 2.57 English
AP3 Software Quick Start Guide 1.0 English
AP3 Software Manual 6.0 English

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