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Background of owner and deveoper of Tranquil Apartments Hope Island:

The land is owned and contributed by Javro Pty (ACN:060 137 162 registered 1/6/1993) as a trustee for Laybutt Family trust N2 (ABN:81 647 114 611). The sole dirctor is Robert Laybutt. Javro Pty Ltd has been involved in construction and investment on Gold Coast and Brisbane projects for the past 19 years.

Background of Rob Laybutt

Robert resided on the Gold Coast for the pst 42 years and was a rigistered builder. Projects developed by Rob Laybutt and related entities include:

* Building and operating storage complexes on the Gold Coast (120 units in Burleigh Heads) and Brisbane (150 units in Springwood);

* Building and selling home in Gold Coast (20 home units in Mermaid Beach nd 15 home units in Broadbeach); and

* Development concept of hi rise in Burliegh Heads.

* Robert has built approximately 100 houses, units and factory shops;

* Built and owned a Nerang motel (25 units for 15 years);

* Built and owned a childcare centre in Palm Beach (65 place centre held for 3 years); and

* Built and owned 2 child care in Zillmore (150 place centre held for 12 years).

The Tranqul Apartments Hope Island project:

Hope Island Tranquil Creative Life Style Village - Stage one 1st Building 3 stories - 15 x 2 Bed Rooms with 2 Baths unit at special prices possession date: 31st December, 2014.

Building 2 and 3 are 5 stories, will start marketing in July, 2014 with a price increase of 3%. Possession on the 31st December, 2015.

The project is with 2 lifts to underground parking and each floors, out door 25 meters swimming pool and BBQ area. Building 2 has meeting room, exercise room, sauna and shower room.

24 hours onsite building mamagement. with low body corp fee AUD 40/week.

Project Marketing Director is Johnson Shiu, J.P.; LREA. who has his career in all aspects of Real Estate, finance. For detail check different pages of this website.

JV partner is SHIU MUSIC LIMITED (A HK incorporate company) with Johnson Shiu as the CEO.

Shiu Creative Culture Industries University Pty Ltd will be the Caretaker Manager and onsite rental with Johnson Shiu as the CEO.


  Contact Us

Tranquil Apartment ( with lifts, Swimming pool, out door BBQ, meeting room, excerise room and shower, underground parking :

Stage 1 - 3 stories Building 1 with15 units at best introduction prices, 10% deposits ,balance 90% on possession date 31st December 2014. website for sales updates: 

Building 2,3 - up from 53 units to a 5 stories with 65 units at higher prices will be release before July 2014,possession 31st December 2015




Update on the 1st April 2014

Units Sold: 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 303

Under contract for financing application: Nil

Available Units: 104, 204, 302,304, 203, 103,105, 205, 305

Please click for floor plans for Building 1

 Type 4

Type 4A

Type 5

Type 9

Basement Floor Plan (A)

Basement Floor Plan (B)

Typical Building Level Plan


Landscape Masterplan

Site Location (Angle 1)

Site Location (Angle 2)


         Johnson Shiu, J.P.  邵焯輝 太平紳士       

  香港電話 及 Whatsapp  +852 93119968 

   徽信ID: johnson64116328     郵箱

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