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You can explore the world's only untouch and forgotten Paradise - Belize in Central America

By investing in the Creative Technologies Industries Park (Belize) Ltd. to set your retirement.

Belize Climate Ecomony Banking Tousium
1. Seaweed Introduction
2. How to Grow Seaweed
3. Running a Seaweed Farm
4. Harvesting and Selling Seaweed
A guide to the seaweed industry

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As a retirement and relocation destination Belize has a lot of positive attributes. Belize is everything Costa Rica is purported to be. For people looking for a young unspoiled nation, Belize has to be one of the choicest expatriate destinations imaginable. The language is English. The people are friendly. The government is an absolute anomaly for Central America. It is a true democracy, operating under the parliamentary system it adopted from Great Britain (which until 1981 upheld Belize in colonial status.) There is absolute freedom of the press. Little, if any serious corruption. An intelligent attitude towards business and an absolutely astounding respect for ecology. It is in our opinion a world leader in its efforts to create a balance between tourism and sound principals of ecology.

There are few countries towards whom we feel a greater degree of respect. Its tiny population is numerically less than many of the world's cities. (Note that while the country of El Salvador consists of approximately the same land area as Belize, El Salvador contains thirty times as many people; with an overall population of almost six million people compared with Belize's 310,000. , including 10,000 Chinese from PRC and 100+ from Taiwan - Cjinese has 100 year of history as Belize local residence with valuable contribution to the economies.) Yet despite its small population Belize manages to attract the worlds attention for its modern attitudes, stable government and respectful treatment of its indigenous peoples.

Good telecommunications, a great environment, real estate prices that are significantly lower than that of Costa Rica, the best diving in the world, the second biggest barrier reef in the world, a growing offshore tax haven sector, offshore corporate services, developing offshore banking practices, a soon to be established airport free trade zone, an international airport, an established free trade zone at the border-city of Chetumal, close proximity to Cancun, an archeological storehouse of Mayan Ruins (some still not totally explored), a polyglot culture that lives in harmony, proximity to Mexico and the United States, (the fact that we can actually drive from Belize to the United States has some positive values,) a series of Cayes (islands) some of which are available for purchase at prices that are so reasonable they make you want to pack your bags and catch the next plane.

It is difficult to think of a better destination for the expatriate seeking a new home in an unspoiled land.

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