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Date:  31-Dec-2010 
Author:  Steve Douglas 
Source:  Australasian Taxation Services

I was thinking about buying a property in Australia but I am put off by the strong Australian dollar.  Is it worth waiting for the dollar to weaken?

When it comes to investment it is easy to find an excuse to delay a decision as there is always one to be found.  Market bubbles, interest rates and indeed currency are popular reasons to delay rather than act but many people don’t realize the cost of procrastinating when it comes to Australian property is more than they think.


From a taxation perspective, the many incentives on offer to reduce future tax on your Australian salary when you return to Australia require as much time as possible to accrue in order to achieve the best result so you do weaken your future taxation position, albeit not significantly if your delay is short lived.


From an investment perspective, the Australian property market continues to achieve sound and stable growth, so delaying the entry decision can prove more costly than any potential currency cost.


Many people are not aware of the fact that quality lending can act as a natural currency hedge by allowing you to minimize the deposit required and only be exposed to the high currency cost on the funds required to purchase rather than the full purchase value.


When using sensible lending, your cash outlay would be limited to your 20% deposit plus approximately 5% allowance for costs such as stamp duty and legal fees.


Depending on your point of view where the currency might move to, or how much it may be “overvalued” it is important to find the reality of your delay decision.


This is best explained in an example.  Let’s assume you are looking to purchase a property in Australia for A$500,000 of which you would require 25% for deposit and costs to acquire, the balance coming from an Australian dollar loan.


If you feel the Australian dollar is overvalued by say 10% at the moment and would improve that much in the next 12 months, then the “additional cost” of acting now would be 10% of the cash required of A$125,000, being A$12,500.  So if you waited the year for the currency to improve (assuming it does) then you would be better off by A$12,500.


However, if the property you are looking at grows by the average rate of 7%pa over the next year that can be more expensive.  The reason being is that it is calculated on the total purchase price, so a A$500,000 property would be worth A$35,000 more in 12 months if it achieves this average growth.


Hence the net cost of delay is the potential increase in property value, A$35,000, less the assumed currency cost, A$12,500, being a net A$22,500 which is a cost of delay if you wait, or if you were brave enough to act is a extra profit to you.


Many people don’t factor this cost in when assessing the merit of action or delay and find out too late the real cost of delay is far greater than the potential currency loss.


You can then make the additional reductions of the loan later when you feel the Australian dollar has better value.


If you already have an Australian property that has some available equity, this can provide a full hedge on your next purchase as the deposit can also be borrowed against your current property holdings, hence ensuring that you do not need to convert any currency and experience no potential currency cost due to the high Australian dollar.



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How to make a profit in Gold Coast Real Estate?

Undertaking research to understand the intricacies of supply, demand and stage in the property cycle is a very important first step when purchasing a property in any location.

Buyers should also have a trustworthy and respectable legal representation in the country of purchase. The real estate agent should be a member of the local institude linked to REIQ.

Buying properties overseas or in another city or states allows investors to diversify their portfolio, spread their risk like diversified share profolio, entering a different maket with completely different economic condition and cycles. While money can be made, lifestyle is also a factor with many overseas buyers looking for a holiday home. And take advantage of a new life style, but must make sure they do their research first.

Before you learn to make money in Gold Coast real estate, you must know reasons why you would lose money in real estate. 

Actually there are only two reasons:

1         Greed.

2         Not doing your homework 

Greedy investors are usually locked into Get rich quick thinking – and they shoot themselves in the foot in all sorts of ways: making false economies, pricing themselves out of the market, selling short of real growth. As an investor, unfortunately, you also need to avoid being manipulated by the greed of others - and there’s a fair bit of it about in the real estate industry. That’s why doing your homework is so important. 

There are literally thousands of people giving advice about what to buy or sell, and quite a lot of them simply haven’t got a clue!

The real estate industry has all the opinions – and not too many of the track records to support them. It sometimes seems like there’s a “veil of mystery” (or perhaps it’s just confusion) over property investment. If you’re going to make good decisions that will build your wealth, you need to look behind two veils. 

  • Why are you buying a property? And
  • Who is selling or advising you to buy – and why? 

There are really only three reasons to buy a property.

  1. For your own use: that is, to live or work in.
  2. For income: that is to supplement your income in the short term, through charging rent, and taking advantage of legitimate tax deductions.
  3. For capital growth: that’s what builds wealth. Add the dynamic of compound growth – where you start with one property and use its capital growth as a springboard to acquiring more properties – and have solid potential for serious wealth. 

When I am talking to people about building wealth. A lot of them have already acquired some sort of investment property, and when I ask, they are quick to say that, yes indeed; of course they’re after capital growth. But a few more questions usually reveal that they never in fact considered the capital growth potential pf the particular property that they acquired.

They “knew” that property goes up in value, but didn’t realize that could mean anything from 300% to 1%: in other words the difference between positive and negative growth in real terms (in excess of inflation). They based their choice of property not on capital growth potential but on all sorts of other factors: they like the idea of rental income (perhaps guaranteed by the vendor), or tax deductions; they “liked” the property: it was recommended by someone they trusted; it promised low maintenance costs; it looked like a “bargain”; the finance offered to them on the property mage it amazingly hassle-free. 

None of these things make for capital growth. If you’re looking to Wealth Build: look past them.

Do you want to know what the single most important factor for capital growth is?


Land appreciates in value: buildings don’t. The building will depreciate in value overtime. In the Gold Coast, there is one exception: it is the Lifestyle units with Ocean or Waterfront, beachside or main river side, even with Ocean or Water view properties. Of course, if it is a house it would be great! It tripled in price over the past 3 years. 


Detail personal profile please refer to the About Me page. 

I have learned by experience how to create wealth – consistently – and how to use it sensibly. And I have successfully helped others to do the same. 

In any case, I’m not trying to turn you into another “expert” on property investment and management. I’d like to get you focused on capital growth and compound growth, as a coach focuses a team on winning the game. I’d like to get you some of the pitfalls – so you don’t have to fall foul of them the way I, and many others, did when we are starting out. And in the process, I may tell you a few things that don’t usually get said in real estate circles…  

The Gold Coast is the fastest growing major region in Australia. The current population growth rate is 3.4%. It continues to attract many interstate and overseas migrants.

Gold Coast as a tourist spot:- For domestic and International visitors.

Spaces of greatness - Coast hot-spots list to promote home-grown holidays. Australians are finding the Gold Coast offers physical, mental and spiritual space to provide a break in today's busy lifestyles. The same has applied to international holiday makers for the last 50 years as their international holiday destinations from all over the world, we have 6 million+ visitors to the beautiful Gold Coast each year.

The Gold Coast is the first destination in the country to mirror Tourism Australia's $8 million domestic tourism campaign, which features 30 Great places from all over the country.

Below giving details of Gold Coast's:-

Ten Great Beaches:- 1. Boardbeach  2. Burleigh Heads 3. Currumbin 4. Greenmount 5. Kirra 6. Main Beach and The  Spit 7. Mermaid 8. South Stradbroke Island 9. Surfers Paradise 10. Tallebudgera

Ten Great Places:- 1. Boardbeach Precinct 2. Broadwater 3. Dreamworld 4. Gold Coast Country 5. Lamington National Park 6. Natural Arch 7. Sanctuary Cove 8. Sea World 9. Surfers Paradise 10. Tamborine Mountain

Ten Great Events:- 1. Australian Ladies Masters 2. Blues on Broadbeach 3. Conrad Jupiters Magic Millions Racing Carnival 4. Gold Coast Airport Marathon 5. Lexmark  Indy 300 6. Mondial Australian Women's Hardcourts 7. Quicksilver and Roxy Pros 8. Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show 9. Taste of Gold Coast Festival 10. Wintersun Festival

Doing business in the Gold Coast:- Gold Coast offers the world class enviroment for businesses start ups.


The Gold Coast City Council provides a range of services and programs to support the development of one of the fastest growing regions in Australia.

Council provides information about economic development on the Gold Coast, laws and regulations for business, along with information about tenders or starting a business. The key information links below provide more information.

Refer to the Business GC links located below the Related Information - External Links.

Business eNewsletter

Visit the Gold Coast City Council Business website to subscribe to the Business GC eNewsletter and keep yourself and your organisation informed of what business and industry events and activities are happening around the city.

Key Information

Infrastructure to support the Gold Coast population growth continues with the new Convention and Exhibition Centre in the nearby Broadbeach. It is predicted to inject a $150M boost to the local economy in its first year.

As reported by the Gold Coast Bulletin Thursday, September 1,2005. The Southport Seaway can accommodate cruise ships and a decision on a terminal will be made before Chrismas. A cruise ship terminal was potentially a great opportunity for the Gold Coast. Well we will soon find out.

Property has always been a great investment on the Gold Coast. Apartments, in particular, have enjoyed a 4.5% capital growth over the December 03 - March 04 Quarter and there was a 9.1% rental price increase for apartments over the year to March 04.

Since 1978, there are four distinct property booms that have been identified – all approximately 7 years apart. If this pattern continues, the next boom will be 2007-8.

Gold Coast Population Growth

       Year                                                   Population                                Duration (yrs)                        Net Increase

       1961                                                  39,043                                     00

      1971                                                   76,862                                     10                                              37,819

      1981                                                 161,667                                     10                                               84,805

      1991                                                 301,599                                     10                                             140,000

     1994`                                                 350,655                                       3                                                49,056

     1998                                                   402,348                                      4                                                 51,693

     1999                                                   415,603                                      1                                                 13,255

     2000                                                   421,662                                      1                                                    6,059

      2001                                                  441,736                                      1                                                  20,074

     2002                                                   454,322                                      1                                                  12,586

     2003                                                   474,879                                      1                                                  20,557

     2004                                                   500,000+                                    1                                                  25,121+

$55b Vision of Our Future - population will growth to 3.7 millions in the next 20 years

It is the first time any government in Australia has budgeted for a 10 year infrastructure program.

The Gold Coast will be expanded and rebuilt over the next 20 years as it prepares enough water, energy, roads, schools and health services for a predicted population explosion.

In what has been hailed as the most significant infrastructure strategy in Queensland’s history, Premier Beattie and state Treasurer Terry Mackenroth unveiled in 20th of April, 2005 their $55 billion ‘vision’ for the future of the southeast corner of the state, to cater over the next two decades for a population increase to 3.7 million people.

Under the long-awaited South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan, the Gold Coast will get more than $7.3 billion worth of projects in the next 10 years and a share in another $22 billion worth planned for the following decade.

With just 19 per cent of the population in the southeast corner, the Coast has scored 23 per cent of the $32.3 billion to be spent in the first 10 years.

The Coast will get a $500 million hospital, a $149 million dam, $5.3 billion worth ofnew roads and 20 new schools as part of the plan to service the 130,500 new homes expected to be built in the area by 2026.

Mr. Beattie said the groundbreaking plan committed future governments to the major road, rail, water, energy, health, education and community infrastructure required for the 3.7 million people expected to be living in the southeast in 20 years. Importantly, it divorces planning from the political cycle, budgeting for 10 years and telegraphing our intentions for the next 20 years. It will also generate hundreds of thousands of jobs.

What the future holds for Gold Coast property...

With interest rates increasing recently and the first signs of the Melbourne and Sydney markets starting to slow, there has been a great deal of speculation of what it will mean for the residential property market here on the Gold Coast during 2005.

The only real surprise with the interest rates is that they haven't increase earlier. And it is generally understood that if the US rates had not increased to such an extent, the rates in Australia would have increase much sooner. Yet with these rate changes there has been no ill effect on the Gold Coast market. 

Gold Coast should continue to sustain strong growth until 2006

Eventually rising interest rates will cause property downturns, but the extent and timing depends upon a number of factors including the height of the boom, the economy, current yields in local markets and the supply and demand equations. Within these variables there are vasty differences between the Gold Coast and the other regional market situations in Australia.

The overwhelming research data coming from BIS Shrapnel (leading national economists), Herron Todd White (the largest firm of independent valuers), Matusik Property Insights (Brisbane-based property analysts), Alan Midwood (Gold-Coast based property analysts), The Real Estate Institute of Queensland and PRD Nationwide Reasearch (QLD) indicate that the Gold Coast should continue to sustain strong growth until 2006 due to the Sunshine State's pre-eminent position in Australia with respect to having:

* The highest net population growth from interstate and international migration in Australia.

* The state with the fastest growing economy.

* The state with the highest percentage increase in new jobs.

* Having one of the most attractive climates in the world.

It has also been estimated that, with all these positives, the South East corner of Queensland will be the second largest population in Australia, ahead of Melbourne in decades to come.

Why invest in residential properties? Who Rents and Why?

95% of the Australian have rented residential properties at some point. More to the point, 30% of Australian currently rent residential properties - and the number seems to be increasing.

There are increasing number of older people, empty nesters, dinks (double income, no kids) and single parent families in our population, and these categories tend to push up the demand for rental property. Another factor is that property prices increases tend to outstrip inflation (which is great for capital growth) and therefore also outstrip rises in wages and salaries: the rental market grows, as property prices gradually rise beyond the reach of more and more people.

Property investment tips:

Lower-end property still builds value well - but doesn't lose it badly when the cycle turns. ie. they are good for return on cash

The higher end properties for for capital growth as well as land. Purchase new buildings are for negative gearings.

A major broker can get you a better deal than your own bank could.

Bank valuations can be deceptive - and potentially disastrous.

Some things for you to think about:

I live on the Gold Coast. I love the Gold Coast. It is a Lifestyle choice: Weather, beaches, education, family security, transport, 2 international airports. shops, employment, recreation, medical & health care, Yet for the next five years, I would properly class it as a regional market for the purpose of investments. In 15-20 years, forecasters believe the area will have merged with Brisbane, now an hour's drive away - and that's certainly something to keep an eye on for the future. But for the time being, the major industry on the Gold Coast is tourism, with various industries in different subburbs. Since its population is reaching 500,000 and becomes a little more self-sustaining. On the other hand, its current volatility also makes it a highly dynamic market, with opportunities for people on the spot.

If you dicided to invest now,  johnsonshiu.cnOFFERS you:

*Help to simplify and make your purchase 'hassle free'
*Complete assistance with property investment if it's right for you
*Specialised financial service tailored to suit you
*Maximum utilisation of allowable taxation benefits
*Property Management Services
*Ongoing appraisals and advice - not cost - no obligation
*Newsletters for complete updates on a regular basis
*Complete follow up service "For Life”

We provide clients with a total investment and residential purchase package. We are different to other agents and have established our niche in the marketplace through our extensive research thus being able to recommend you to:

INDEPENDENT FINANCE - shopping the market for the best rates using all the leading lenders - saving you money, time and hassle.

SOLICITORS - recommending only those with the most experience in the region and property industry. Ensuring your satisfaction and protection.

Sales Data:

Please check these Websites for references:

For further information about the Gold Coast:

Gold Coast City Council
Gold Coast Tourism Bureau
Queensland Tourism
Gold Coast Arts Centre
Bond University
Griffith University  provides a professional Real Estae Service. That includes the selection in quality development in areas chosen for lifestyle, returns, growth potential, location and quality of life.

I believe our website will provide you with the information will enable you to make an informed decision to invest or live in what is identified as one of the world's 24 top growth areas - the Gold Coast in Australia.

The City offers a diverse range of lifestyle choices and attractions.

Please Contact Us    for your Gold Coast Lifestyle Investments needs.



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