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The truth about Negative Gearing... 

Gearing basically means borrowing to invest. It can be either positive or negative.

Positive Geared Property is purchased with a loan that has an annual net rental greater than the annual interest paid on the loan. It's a fantastic way of generating passive, positive cash flow. However, these properties are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Today due to their popularity, those properties are generally found in regional towns where you gain good returns by sacrificing capital growth. Alternatively...

Negatively Geared property is purchased with a loan that has an annual net rental income amount that is less than the annual interest paid on the loan, plus the tax deductible expenses associated with the maintaining the property.

You receive tax benefits by being negatively geared as you are able to deduct the costs of owning an investment property from your overall income. This was introduced to provide alternatives to, and relieve some of the burden of government funded pensions and underperforming superannuation funds. The biggest part of this deduction is the interest portion of your mortgage, but you can also claim such expenses as property management fees, loan costs, repairs and travel to inspect your property.

Sample Property Investment Cash Flow in Australian dollars:-


Purchase Price                                                                                                           $400,000

Purchase Costs Estimated Queensland                                                               $14,975

Loan Costs                                                                                                                   $4,599

TOTAL INITIAL INVESTMENT COST                                                                        $419,574


Rental IncomeExample @ $400.00 per week for permanent

Rentala 2% vacancy rate                                                                                            $20,384

Property Expenses: Managers commission, body corp. rates,

and insurance                                                                                                              $4,032

Interest                     Interest on loan based on TOTAL INITIAL

INVESTMENT COST of $419,574 @6.8%$28,531

PRE TAX CASH FLOW (rent less property expenses)Initial shortfall              $12,179


Tax DeductionsThese are the amounts an investor id able to claim

as Tax deductionsInitial Shortfall                                                                              $12,179

Example of building Depreciation $160,000@2.5%                                             $4,000

Available on brand new properties.

(Quantity surveyors report recommended)


Example Fixtures and fittings estimated value                                                       $20,000

Average depreciation of 15%                                                                                     $3,000

(Quantity surveyors report recommended)


Loan CostsAmount charged to establish the borrowings

Written off in 5 years                                                                                                     $920

TOTAL TAX DEDUCTIONS                                                                                          $20,099


Tax CalculationAn example of a husband earning                                               $75,000

And wife earning 0, the estimated tax refund

would be                                                                                                                        $8,558

Initial shortfall is                                                                                                           $12,179

Less Tax refund Re Tax Scales Year Ending June 2005                                     $8,558

The net cost of running the investment is                                                               $3,621

                                                                                                                             Or       $70/week

DISCLAIMER: When purchasing property for investment purposes. We recommend you to seek your own accountant for taxation advice as well as a quantity surveyor report to itemize depreciation allowances. Also estimated rental returns and vacancy rates must be discussed with your local real estate agent or on site rental manager.

Due to the propularity and high capital growth potential of the Gold Coast, positively geared residential property is increasingly difficult to find. On the other hand, due to the very high rental returns and low vacancy rates a property can give you a positive return through a negatively geared situation.

Your Goal should be to increase your equity through capital gain so you can borrow against it to purchase again and continue to duplicate your success.

Residents - Capital Gain Tax Calculation (Based on Tax Rate 2004-05)

Scenario - $100,000 Profit

Purchase Price                                                             $400,000

Selling Price                                                                  $500,000

Capital Gain                                                                  $100,000

Gross Gains                                                                  $100,000

Costs                                                                              $20,000*

Net Gains                                                                       $80,000

Taxable (50%)                                                               $40,000**

Tax Calculation

                                                                                          $ 6,000= $0

                                                                                         $15,600 x 17%= $ 2,652

                                                                                         $36,400 x 30%= $ 5,520

                                                                                         $40,000= $ 8,172 Tax on $100,000 profit


*Costs include, legals, stamp duty, interest rates, travel expenses, accountants fees etc.

**For properties held for at least 12 months


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