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Research & statistics

Council collects and collates research and statistics on a wide front. Available material ia arranged here under three general groupings, however there may be a cross-over of subject and detail between the three grouping depending on your requirements. Please click for more details.

General & Social

Our Community - A social Profile of the Gold Coast
This profile is written to give a detailed and cohesive insight into the community of Gold Coast City. It provides an overall vision of the community and is intended for use as a reference document to support education, planning and service delivery and other development.

Social Atlas
The Social Atlas maps Census data to detailed area and suburb maps of the Gold Coast to show how various characteristics are distributed within the city - eg employment, computer usage, income, greatest concentration of non-english speakers etc. This is a fascinating lens revealing the energy and the diversity of one of Australia's great cities.

Social Research Reports
A range of reports addressing city-wide analysis of various topics including population, housing, disabilities, older and younger people and tourism.

Fact Sheets & Profiles

Fact Sheets
Detailed statistics on a range of specific City issues from housing to cultural diversity.

Local area profiles
Statistical profiles of specific suburb areas including age, employment, education, income, industry and place of birth. These profile sarticulate detailed local knowledge of specific areas.

Business & Industry

A range of reports, studies and conference papers focussed on the tourism industry including tourism market analysis, accommodation and visitation statistics, and specific markets (eg backpackers). This represents a deep and valuable resource for anyone involved in the study of tourism in the Gold Coast region.

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